Electric Bike Rentals

Everyone can remember the first time they learned how to ride a bicycle. It’s a tradition that has been a part of our American culture for generations! However, most of us don’t get the same enjoyment out of riding a bicycle as we did in our younger days. The idea of having to pedal yourself around may sound more like an alternative cardio work-out more so than a fun leisurely activity. Well you better get ready to change the way you think about riding bicycles from now on! Catalina Island has a new industry shaking up the residents and visitors of Catalina Island. Electric bike rentals have now become the best way to explore Catalina Island. For those who have never rode an electric bike before, get ready to smile like a kid again. Electric bikes are powered by lithium ion batteries and is powerful enough to move a rider un-assisted on flat ground. They easily climb the hills of Avalon with the help of pedal assist sensors.  Each bike can accommodate 1 adult and provides enough battery life for hours of enjoyment. Catalina Island may be a small City in Los Angeles County, but it’s obviously taken a big step into the future by adding electric bikes to the island. It’s easy to see why electric bike rentals have climbed to the top of the list for Things To Do on Catalina Island!

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