10 Rare Catalina Images

10.  Dr. Glidan’s Bone Museum

Probably the most interesting photo of Catalina Island is that of Dr. Gliddan’s Indian museum. Dr. Gliddan could be considered to be a very strange man with a gross obsession because the building housed dozens of Native-American bones. Some of these bones were rumored to have been the bones of Giants and the claim that giants lived on Catalina Island even gained fame during a nation-wide television show focused on the subject. From 1922-1950 he displayed his findings with much objection from the native-American community. An odd man who even claimed to be a Doctor yet no reports have ever been found to justify his claim.

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April 20, 2018
Wrigley never "bought" Catalina Island. He bought controlling interest of the Santa Catalina Island Company.

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